This page will be updated on a regular basis with details and statements from those Pompey Supporters groups and online website's/forums who endorse this 12th man initiative.


"The Pompey Supporters Trust are proud to promote this idea so that fans can register their support to save Portsmouth Football Club no matter where they are. It is important that as many Fans as possible stand behind this initiative." 

Pompey Supporters Trust - www.pompeytrust.com



'I am delighted and proud to support this initiative. Pompey fans are among the most passionate in the land and this website will give the ordinary fan the chance to ensure their voices are heard where it matters. I urge all Pompey fans to register if they believe, like me, that fans can and should have a significant and tangible stake in their club.'

Colin Farmery - Publisher truebluearmy.com and pompey-fans.com



"SOS Pompey are fully behind the Portsmouth Supporters Trust move to give all fans a chance to prove should it be needed that we all stand united in support of OUR club. Portsmouth Football Club is our pride and our passion while others may come and go it is us who bleed in blue who are fit and proper"

Bob Beech - SOS Pompey

"Vital Pompey is proud to support the Fans Conference in their bid to ensure they speak for ALL the club’s fans at this very difficult time for OUR club. 

We urge all fans to register now to help the Conference in their bid to secure a stable future for our great club, a future in which you, the fans, have a voice."

Dave Taylor - Vital Pompey



www.chipompeyfans.co.uk  "Chichester Portsmouth Supporters Club fully endorse this initiative. All Pompey fans need to stand as one. There is no other Football Club like ours, no other Football Club South of London has achieved anywhere near what we have in English Football. Now is the time to start singing from the same hymn sheet. PLAY UP POMPEY."

Deyrick 'Del' Pulley. Chichester Portsmouth Supporters Club Secretary/Admin.



We at POL fully support this initiative, and urge fans to register now, especially at this time when the club needs our support.  This will help show those currently at the club, as well as those who come to the club in the future, that our fantastic and passionate fans have a part to play in it's future, and have a voice which should be heard."

Bill Gillon - Owner, PompeyOnline. www.pompeyonline.com



PTID wholeheartedly support this initiative and also urge ALL fans to sign up to this cause, its time owners/ football authorities etc. realised how much we care, and how in troubled times this city stands together. "the time for ego battles is over, unity is vital"



Portsmouth FC Supporters' Club (CB) is proud to support this PSC and PST initiative. Now is the time for all supporters’ groups to forget their differences and stand together to save our football club.




Just imagine if all the energy and emotion spent second guessing the Clubs future could be used positively to rebuild trust and ensure the Club retains its place as the heartbeat and pride of the City. Striving for a structure that enables supporters and the community to be involved in the big decisions that affect its future, makes perfect sense as the club is accountable to its community. Remember it’s the supporters and the City that have keep the Club alive for more than 100 years and are most interested in the long term success of the Club. Who knows where this campaign could lead, but for now the more than join the louder your voice.

James Mathie – Development Manager Supporters Direct



The Portsmouth FC South West supporters Club fully support the Fans Conference in this initiative. If you care about PFC or have a interest in our great football club you must register now , The club needs your support more than ever before, we must stand together in troubled times and save our PFC.

David Groves, Chairman Portsmouth F.C.South-West Supporters Club



Clan Pompey (Scottish Pompey Supporters Club) whole-heartedly support this initiative. It is important for us all to stand together to save our beloved club. We urge everybody to offer as much support as they can. Play up Pompey!

Brian Brooks - Clan Pompey






How could I not support this initiative? What has happened to our club in the last few years is inexcusable, especially on the part of the various football governing bodies. We may now be an embarrassment to them, but only because they have failed totally in their role of protecting their members. It may have happened to PFC, but it could have been anyone; the FAPPT is a joke.

Dominic Raywood - www.thepompeychimes.net


Portsmouth FC is the centre of the community and it needs our help and support. It's times like these that you get to know who your friends are, so lets show the club what true community spirit is and all pompey fans worldwide step up and HELP SAVE OUR CLUB and show indeed we are the 12th Man!

Steve Tovey - Supporters Advisory Panel



"We are proud to support this initiative, and we ask all fans to register NOW. All Pompey-fans need to stand together to save our football club. PLAY UP POMPEY!

Joakim Ellingsen - Pompey's Scandinavian Supporters Club


I have joined the 12th man innititive and have encouraged other members of the Irish Blues to join to show their support of our club in its time of need. Im willing to do anything possible which will help save our club and will also encourage non-pompey fans I know to sign up for this if it helps.